Short & Sweet #14 Curation Edition

Avec: Mélanie Demers, Raphaëlle Perrault,Karen Fennell
Priscilla Guy, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay, Philippe Dandonneau, Genevieve C.Ferron, Catherine Lavoie Marcus, Maria Kefirova, Noémie Solomon & Adam Kinner, Andrew Tay, Helen SImard, John Hunting, Peter Trosztmer, Joanie Douville & Julie Tymchuk Julie-Anne Coté, Cara Spooner, Joy Mariama Smith, Emma Waltraud Howes, SALTA, Zoja Smutny, Jon Cleveland, Stéphanie Tremblay Abubo

Curation has become a buzz word not just in the visual art world but in programming, merchandising, scholarly circles, and, of course, within dance. We encourage artists to co-opt manipulate, and critique the idea of curation in whatever way excites them.

This Short&Sweet will take place at the same time as the Art Curator’s Association of Quebec’s “Envisioning the Practice” conference, which looks at Performing Arts Curation. We’ve got a great line up of artist / curators and surprises from out of town who are here for the symposium. We’re excited about this one!