Monsters Angels and Aliens are Not a Substitute for Spirituality


Rover Arts just published an interesting article about Andrew’s most recent work Monsters Angels and Aliens are not a Substitute for Spirituality as well as the work of Caroline Laurin-Beaucage and Donald Trepanier, with whom he shared a triple bill as part of the Festival OFFTA this past May 28th. Great writing by Fabien Malthais-Baya, putting the performances into greater social context. We need more writing about performance like this!

Also check this podcast of Andrew talking about some of the ideas behind the work from the folks  @ Dirty Feet

Short & Sweet “Covers” @ the FTA

In case you missed out on our crazy successful “Covers” edition of Short&Sweet at this years FESTIVAL TRANSAMÉRIQUES which took place on June 5th. Here’s a great review and recap by Nayla Nalfoul. Probably one of our best editions ever, and it was great to see artists try to  reinvent, pay tribute to, or critique existing pieces through performance!  We loved the “covers” theme!  Check the link and we’ll see you at our next event…

Copycat Academy @ Luminato Festival

Andrew Tay was one of 20 international artists selected to participate in the copycat academy as part of the Luminato festival in Toronto June 9-15, 2014.  The Copycat Academy is a week long school for 20 emerging artists from all around the world and from a variety of disciplines. It is a new annual program, created and conceived by Hannah Hurtzig, Founder of Mobile Academy Berlin and produced by the Luminato Festival. The inaugural edition featured artists from Argentina, India, Germany, Latvia, Spain, Sweden, and, of course, from Toronto, Montreal and Saskatoon.   With faculty that included Marcus Boon, Bruce Labruce, Marten Spangberg, Kendell Greers, Jennifer Doyle and Lemi Ponifasio among others.



Short & Sweet #14 Curation Edition

Avec: Mélanie Demers, Raphaëlle Perrault,Karen Fennell
Priscilla Guy, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay, Philippe Dandonneau, Genevieve C.Ferron, Catherine Lavoie Marcus, Maria Kefirova, Noémie Solomon & Adam Kinner, Andrew Tay, Helen SImard, John Hunting, Peter Trosztmer, Joanie Douville & Julie Tymchuk Julie-Anne Coté, Cara Spooner, Joy Mariama Smith, Emma Waltraud Howes, SALTA, Zoja Smutny, Jon Cleveland, Stéphanie Tremblay Abubo

Curation has become a buzz word not just in the visual art world but in programming, merchandising, scholarly circles, and, of course, within dance. We encourage artists to co-opt manipulate, and critique the idea of curation in whatever way excites them.

This Short&Sweet will take place at the same time as the Art Curator’s Association of Quebec’s “Envisioning the Practice” conference, which looks at Performing Arts Curation. We’ve got a great line up of artist / curators and surprises from out of town who are here for the symposium. We’re excited about this one!

More than Naked


Andrew is continuing to perform in More than Naked by choreographer Doris Ulhich….An amazing project bringing together 20 artists from all over the world, the piece attempts to bring to the stage nakedness free of ideology and provocation.  The work was recently performed to enthousiatic audience and critical response in Vienna and Frankfurt with more International dates to be announced soon.

Piss in the Pool 2013

Great photos of our last Piss in the Pool event by Valerie Sangin. And check out this great review of the work from  The Dance Current :

“PitP is a constant star in the reeling galaxy of festival offerings that light up Montreal’s summers: it’s a show that faithfully combines light-hearted accessibility with contemporary performance values.”

Wants&Needs work in permanent installation @ LAX Airport

Sasha and Andrew recently choreographed a piece for the amazing new permanent installation at LAX airport.  They choreographed the “Dance Time” clip which plays on a seven story LED tower and continues onto screens throughout the new Tom Bradley International Terminal.  “Dance Time”  is a trompe l’oeil feature that animates constantly, appearing to open up on the hour to reveal Busby Berkeley-style dancers operating the clockwork inside. They were so happy to be a part of this project, and to have worked with Moment factory, directors Melissa Weigel and Ben Steiger-Levine and the cast of ten girls for this project.  If you’re ever flying through LAX be sure to check it out.  In the clip above you can catch Andrew directing the dancers for a second and get some glimpses of their work.

Piss in the Pool is back!!


Piss Poster 2013

Piss Poster 2013

We’re back in the Bain St. Michel!!!

5300 rue St. Dominique

Le 26-29  juin     /   8:30pm


Chorégraphes in-situ par: Genevieve C. Ferron, Audree Juteau, Benjamin Kamino, Andreane Leclerc, Simon Portigal, Jessica Serli, Helen Simard, Andrew Tay  

Piss in the Pool donne la chance à des chorégraphes innovatrices de créer et de présenter une oeuvre in situ. Cet événement excitant sort la danse expérimentale des salles classiques pour la placer dans le Bain Saint-Michel : une piscine intérieure vide située au coeur du Plateau Mont-Royal. D’été en été, le spectacle a atteint la reconnaissance pour son contenu à la fois audacieux et divertissant.

Piss in the Pool is a project that gives innovative choreographers and performance artists the opportunity to create site specific work in the Bain St. Michel – an empty public bath in the heart of the Plateau. Over the past 9 years the show has steadily won a cult like summer following, and earned a reputation for presenting work which challenges as well as entertains.